What Makes Your Link Request Stand Out?

Oct 16, 2016 | By Wally Bates

How many meetings have we been to where the speaker almost seemed bored with their own commercial? Now, let’s be real. We all have remembered on the way to our meeting that we haven’t prepared for our 60-second commercial and think of something to do on the fly… right? Or we piggy back on the link request the person two in front of us did.

Is that the norm, or does it only happen once in awhile? If it’s the former, this represents to others the value we place in their time at this meeting. If we don’t do what we should to be prepared, we are really saying that we are not valuing this time.

We all have observed the one person that is always prepared. Always seems ready to go. What sets them apart? I truly think it’s the story they tell. The picture they paint with their words. We all have been trained in how to do this and the format to use… which is important. Who we are, where we are from, what is our specialty, what we are looking for today, and then recapping who we are along with a cheesy tagline. What did I forget?

The most important part of the segment: the success story that illustrates who or what you’re looking for today.  This story is what brings to life your ask for that week. The story is how we personalize and paint the picture for our audience; it’s what will be remembered the longest when they leave. This not only illustrates what we are looking for, but that we have had success in helping others in the past. It adds credibility.

So when we are prepared, have thought about in advance and practice our link request, and add the polished touch of a success story to the mix… you will stand out and get more link opportunities.