What’s Trending: Real Estate

Aug 18, 2021
Eric Zwarg, what’s trending in real estate?
People were leaning toward building more, but now are gravitating back to existing houses.

What’s Trending: Child Tax Credit

Aug 4, 2021

Last week, Steve Schneider explained to us why it is important to start saving early for retirement.

Along with that is that the biggest thing trending in the accounting world is the Child Tax credit. As you know this is money that the Federal Government is providing to families. If you want, this is something that you can opt out of. Even if you have missed the deadline to opt out of the first 2 checks, you can still opt out of future payments.

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What’s Trending

Jul 14, 2021

What’s trending?

This week we are talking about Networking, specifically in person networking.

What is your goal when you are networking? Do you have a goal to meet and get coffee with 2 people when you are networking? Do you have a rule where you try to sit a table where you don’t know anyone to force new connections?

We challenge you this week to find a new networking opportunity and share it with us.

What’s Trending

Jun 30, 2021

Rita McCormack shared with us last week about her industry.
One thing this last year has taught us is that our health is very important. Zinc,C, D and Elderberry are trending and will be coming in new forms.
For more information check this out.

What’s Trending

Jun 16, 2021
What’s Trending – Jean Mabry, Risk Source Clark-Theders
 “Right now I am seeing a lot of people buy second homes in Florida. If you are considering a home in Florida, or any coastal region, be sure to have a “Wind Mitigation Inspection” done.”
 For more information on a Wind Mitigation Report and if you might need one. Check out this article.